A marketing professional talks about The Power of Asking to achieving success

V an Deeb has done it again—this motivating sales and business pro is sharing his knowledge with the wider world in his new book. I sat down with him recently to get the inside scoop on why the simple exercise of asking is so important to success.

What’s the secret to successful asking?

Everyone wants more out of life, but few of us actually ask for what we want. Van Deeb’s new book, The Power of Asking, isn’t just about how to “ask and receive”—it’s also about being the person people want to say yes to.

Who is that?

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Successful people get calls every day asking for help, Van says—the key to being help-worthy is passion. Care deeply about what you’re asking for. Treat people well. Make your work ethic obvious. Anybody can ask, but being worthy of receiving, too…that’s a winning combination.

What else to achieve success?

There are more steps to success than just asking a question. We also talked about:

  • Why attitude is everything.
  • How shy people can practice and perfect the art of asking.
  • How surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people is key.

Success can’t happen without gratitude.

Think of the people who embody success to you. What’s one quality they have in common? Chances are good that they all feel grateful.

Care deeply about what you’re asking for. Treat people well. Make your work ethic obvious.

—Van Deeb

Van closed out our conversation with a powerful reminder about the law of attraction in business and in life: “You should wake up in the morning and be grateful that you woke up in the morning. The more grateful you are for the small things, the simple things, the more people you’re going to attract and the more opportunities will be coming into your life.”

Tune in! I invite you to join our conversation to hear more of Van Deeb’s thoughts on asking and being worthy of receiving.

What are you grateful for? How has gratitude or positivity helped you achieve success? Share your experiences here—maybe you’ll inspire someone else to spread positivity, too.

About the Table of Contents 


Chapter 1 Ask and you Shall Receive

Chapter 2 First Day in Dallas: Asking for a Job

Chapter 3 Asking for a Job Opportunity: The Pulte Homes Story

Chapter 4 Asking for Help When Building Your Company: DEEB Realty

Chapter 5 Asking for Business: Convincing Customers to Use You

Chapter 6 Asking for Advice

Chapter 7 Asking for a Written Endorsement

Chapter 8 Asking for Feedback from Past Customers

Chapter 9 Asking for Recognition: Writing a Newspaper Column

Chapter 10 Asking for Air Time: Hosting Radio and TV Shows

Chapter 11 Believing in What You Ask For

Chapter 12 A Note from Van

Quotations and Affirmations

Van’s Power of Asking Workshop

Van’s Coaching Philosophy


About the Book

Van Deeb’s The Power of Asking, How to ASK your way to success is a series of true stories and accounts of Van’s business life from going pay check to pay check to pay his bills to learning how to ASK to fulfill his financial dreams. Van is known for building one of the largest real estate companies in the Midwest from just himself in his basement in 1993 to 350 people in 2009 when Van then sold the multimillion-dollar company to his general manager. Van’s rise from rags to riches will be attractive to all ages at all stages of life.

About Van Deeb

A native from Omaha, Van Deeb is the author of five books, a motivational speaker, a sales trainer, a coach and a successful businessman. You can find more about him and his books at: www.vandeeb.com

Marco LeRoc
Marco LeRoc

Marco LeRoc is a three-time author, an international speaker, an accountability partner and the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co.

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