Allison Tietjen on confidence, beauty, and what it’s like to be Miss Nebraska

B eing Miss Nebraska is about far more than beauty. It’s about making a difference. Allison Tietjen was determined to get the role — and she sat down with me recently to talk about her three-year quest to win the title, what beauty means, and why a positive mindset is so important.

What is it like to be Miss Nebraska?

Allison admits that her initial motivation for the role was the scholarship money — but it’s evolved into so much more. “No two days are the same,” she says, and the role helps her take every day as a challenge.

How did she win?

It took her three years to claim the title, but she says her perspective was to thank for her eventual victory. She went in thinking, “I don’t need this, but I think I could do well.” And she sold herself as someone who could do great things but would make a difference with or without a win.

Being Miss Nebraska is about far more than beauty. It’s about making a difference.

—Allison Tietjen.

What beauty really means

As a pageant-winner, Allison knows better than anyone that beauty is more than just looks: It’s all about confidence. Self-esteem and happiness make you feel good, even if nothing changes on the outside.

She added, “Be the best version of yourself,” advice that goes beyond feeling beautiful. Compare yourself to you, not to the person next to you, to measure your success.

Allison’s last advice? “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”
If you want to know more about what it’s like to be a pageant-winner, how Allison kept going through the hard times, or what her vision for the future looks like, join us in our full conversation.

How has confidence helped you get ahead? Do you think it could help you reach your goals today?

About Allison Tietjen

Allison is a student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and is from Chester, NE.  She is studying Family Science and Nutrition, with plans to attend Occupational Therapy School.  In June of 2017, she was crowned Miss Nebraska 2017 and went on to compete for Miss America in Atlantic City.  Allison now travels the state speaking about her platform, “United We Stand: Honoring Our Military”.  She believes that we need to always remember and thank the brave men and women who have served our great nation.

Marco LeRoc
Marco LeRoc

Marco LeRoc is a three-time author, an international speaker, an accountability partner and the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co.


  1. Anne Heitmann says:

    A great interview with a lovely and accomplished young woman!

    • Marco says:

      Anne, I could not agree agree more. Allison is doing a great job in many communities in Nebraska. We are so proud of her accomplishments.

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