Colt Paulsen on entertainment, branding, and chasing your dreams

C olt Paulsen is a budding force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The University of Nebraska at  Omaha senior is homecoming royalty, a model, and an aspiring e-news correspondent—but most of all, he’s incredibly motivated and knew how to get his career in entertainment started well before graduation day. He shared some of his insights and experiences with me recently.

Modeling is more than good pictures

Colt says that modeling has been beneficial to him in many ways. It has taught him how to be professional and to get along with a variety of different people.

Modeling has been beneficial to me in many ways. It has taught me how to be professional and to get along with a variety of different people. ~ Colt Paulsen Click To Tweet

But it’s also about planning for the future: Modeling is a really strong step-off into television hosting and correspondence and provides a solid portfolio before you go out in search of a job.

An internet personality’s take on branding

As someone who successfully fought for a spot as Kim Kardashian West’s biggest fan, Colt knows all about branding. “It’s important to have a brand that’s consistent with what you want to do,” he said—like attracts like, after all.

“It’s important to have a brand that’s consistent with what you want to do” ~ Colt Paulsen Click To Tweet

A hopeful view of the future

Colt’s positivity is no doubt a driving force in his career, and his hope for the future is no different. He said he wants to see “equality for all”; Colt would like for “everyone to accept everyone and not take life too seriously and just be happy.”

Simple but invigorating advice

Colt says the key to achieving your goals is just to chase your dreams. He says, “If you want something, it’s possible. Just go for it and do your best.”

How else can students prepare themselves for successful careers before they leave school? Tell me all about it in the comments—and tune into our full interview.

About Colt Paulsen

Colt Paulsen is a senior at the University of Nebraska Omaha majoring in Journalism. He works with Develop Model Management, where he has done countless photo shoots and has not only walked in Omaha Fashion Week, but was also the first ever red carpet correspondent for the event. He has also been the host and producer of Develop TV, a YouTube web series that discusses everything fashion in the Midwest. Paulsen competed on ABC’s Big Fan, a game show that pits super fan vs. superstar, against Kim Kardashian West, and he came out on top by beating Kim in trivia about herself and winning himself the title of Kim’s biggest fan. Paulsen recently created his own YouTube channel, where he posts content discussing beauty products, comedy sketches, and of course, the Kardashians.

You can learn more about Colt at

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