Find Out How to Make Money Matter at Thrive 2016

Interpersonal experience is crucial to maximizing on your passions and thriving in every aspect of your life. Two key experiences make achieving greatness in our lives and our careers easier: First, we need to strive to surround ourselves with people and things that inspire us. And, secondly, we need to take the opportunity to learn from—and engage with—those who already are where we want to be.

That’s why I’m such an advocate of conferences. There is one in particular that helps attendees achieve their greatness in financial, professional, and personal pursuits. It fosters an energetic, passion-charged environment by bringing together some of the most influential minds in the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, and motivational work.

That conference is Thrive:  Make Money Matter. I almost missed 2015’s Thrive conference, but a last minute change in plans delivered me to the event. The speakers were phenomenal, the atmosphere invigorating, and the takeaways priceless. It was an opportunity to connect with truly great minds over truly great things, and I’m happy to say that this year’s event promises to provide just as many opportunities for attendees to walk away with the fresh ideas, inspiring success stories, and actionable steps that it takes to truly achieve greatness in our lives.

Thrive is a gathering for business professionals who want to build their income while making a positive impact on the world. This year’s event takes place in San Diego, California from October 28th to 30th. Renowned speakers such as Jack Canfield (of the Chicken Soup series), JJ Virgin (bestselling author) and, of course, Cole Hatter (creator of the Thrive conference and established entrepreneur) will share their stories and help attendees visualize the steps necessary to reach their true potential.

With a networking lounge to facilitate connections, opportunities to connect with speakers over meals and cocktails, and a truly world-class location, this year’s Thrive conference promises to be an amazing professional getaway.

Connecting with others who desire—or have already attained—both financial success and meaningful work makes it so much easier to blend the two in our own lives. The speakers and attendees at Thrive are people who have reached or strived toward the perfect (but elusive) blend of career goals: supporting themselves comfortably while bringing positivity to others’ lives.

Thrive is a rare and powerful place to engage, whether it’s inspiration you’re looking for or an opportunity to brainstorm with others on similar paths. It’s a chance to put a fine point on your own goals while drawing motivation from the paths of others.

In short, Thrive is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate yourself, gain fresh insight, and figure out what it means to “make it”.

I hope you’ll be a part of my second Thrive experience.


Marco LeRoc
Marco LeRoc

Marco LeRoc is a three-time author, an international speaker, an accountability partner and the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co.

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