Know Your Contract

We sign contracts every day. But how often do you simply sign the contract without reading it? Perhaps, you are motivated to buy a product , so you just sign.

Do not let this happen to you: I signed a contract a year ago on a service. I was attracted by its low price. But what I did not know was that I locked myself in that contract for two years, and the price will increase 30 percent every month. If I broke the contract, I would have to pay a fee as well. All these clauses were mentioned in the contract, but in small print. The salesperson did not tell me, and I did not read.

Before you sign a contract for anything, such as your cell phone service, car lease, or cable TV, make sure you read the whole contract. I do agree that some of those contracts are long and difficult to read, but I still encourage reading all of them. If the words were not important, they would not be on the contract. If you do not understand the terms, ask. Keep asking until you understand everything on the contract. Find out what will happen if you do not want the services, and what the penalties will be.

Marco LeRoc
Marco LeRoc

Marco LeRoc is a three-time author, an international speaker, an accountability partner and the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co.

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