Karissa Johnson on Travel, Accountability, and the Importance of Personal Relationships

This month, I had the chance to talk with Karissa Johnson, a blogger, author, and dedicated world traveler. Karissa is the author of 7 Steps to the 7th Continent, but her journey to publication is just as impressive as the publication itself.

Tune in to our talk to learn about her remarkable fight against the odds as a 21-year-old stroke survivor and how she used that adversity as fuel to propel her world travels. Karissa has achieved her goal of visiting all seven continents by the age of 30, and has used the experience to craft her second book: an exciting guide to world travel.

As we talk, you’ll learn:

  • How she came up with the name for her latest book, Seven by 30.
  • Why an “army of accountability” is key to overcoming adversity.
  • About the money-saving strategy that propelled her across the world.
  • The importance of having a close mentor to achieving your dreams.

We also talk about the importance of engaging in a “cyber silence” when we allow social media to penetrate our lives too deeply and why having a success-oriented mindset is crucial to achieving your goals.

Her biggest piece of advice to listeners is to practice good stewardship. She says, “Be a good steward of your youth, be a good steward of your time, and be a good steward of your relationships.”

After you listen in, I’d love to hear about your own personal strategies for success in the comments below. How do you get through hard times and adversity?

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