Megan Hunt on blending success in business, activism, and politics

M egan Hunt is a successful Omaha entrepreneur and small-business owner. She’s an advocate for female entrepreneurs who have started several successful ventures herself. Hunt is currently nurturing a thriving store called Hello Holiday and has a run for state legislature coming up to top it off.

How does she juggle all these ventures—and knock them out of the park?

In her store in particular, she says social media has been the key to successful entrepreneurship. She even took the leap of saying that “we get most of our sales through Instagram.” Social sharing is quite possibly the most powerful, engaging marketing tool that small businesses have—so much so, in fact, that Hunt doesn’t pay a penny for advertising!

Word of mouth is the most authentic and organic endorsement a business can get.

—Megan Hunt.

Is it possible to blend financial success and social purpose?

Hunt (and her business partner, Sarah) is a glowing example of why and how it is. Her business entwines feminist values with a focus on supporting small fashion designers.

And her inspiration comes from a well-known female trailblazer.

Hillary Clinton’s legacy as a successful woman in power is a source of inspiration for her and for many other women. She says that people like Clinton provide an example of success to driven women—as Hunt puts it, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

How do you get where she is?                                          

Hunt said it’s simple, really: “You just have to start.” She explained, “Whatever you’re on the precipice of doing… You can’t wait for the right outfit; you can’t wait for the right office. The perfect time to start is yesterday.”

What do you think? Who do you admire as a trailblazer in business, activism, or both? Share who reminds you that the impossible is possible in the comments below—or check out my full interview  with Megan Hunt.

About Megan Hunt

A seasoned entrepreneur, Megan is the owner of Hello Holiday, a community-facing boutique and e-commerce company supporting independent fashion designers and best known for its “Girls Support Girls” messaging and fundraising collaborations with local nonprofit organizations.

Megan is also the founder of the nonprofit Safe Space Nebraska, which works to end harassment and assault in nightlife establishments. She is a trustee of the Business Ethics Alliance and has served on the boards of Friends of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Friends of the Nebraska AIDS Project, and Omaha Area Youth Orchestras. A longtime blogger and writer, Megan consistently tackles issues from equality and justice to local politics and her personal passion project, reducing brain drain in the Midwest. She has a seven-year-old daughter who is a second grader at Dundee Elementary.

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