Simple Tricks and Tools to Get Organized

W e all have that shelf, that room, or that folder. Some of us even have that building. You know the one—the one that begs for order every time you see it. But where do you start? Lisa Tonjes Moritz is a professional organizer who helps busy people get their lives in order, whether that life is on their phone or in their office.

Lisa and I had a great conversation recently about the simple tricks and tools you can use to get organized. As we chat, you’ll learn:

  • What a professional organizer is, exactly
  • Why you’re organizing your photos all wrong
  • The biggest organizing mistakes people make
  • How to get organized without breaking the bank (and even make money in the process!)

Lisa also shared some exciting modern tools for getting organized, like apps that track your productivity and the best backup tools for keeping your memories preserved. What if you have paper files that date back through the decades? What is the first step in getting organized? How do you protect what’s most important to you in case of a disaster?

Lisa is ready with some practical solutions to the organizational woes that plague many busy people. Join us on a journey to a more orderly (and more productive) life. Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What’s your biggest organizing challenge? Do you have any tips for getting tidy that Lisa didn’t mention?

Regardless of where you are in the organization process, remember Lisa’s words: “You’re not going to organize your whole life in a day. It’s a continual process.”

As always, thanks for tuning in.

Marco LeRoc
Marco LeRoc

Marco LeRoc is a three-time author, an international speaker, an accountability partner and the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co.

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