So many of us let our gifts and our goals die in favor of the status quo. But Marco LeRoc has done what many people dream of doing every day: he’s turned adversity into advantage. In this book, he’ll teach you how to do the same by freeing yourself from regrets and what ifs to pursue your purpose.

We all have our “why” in life—the trick is to find it, and success will follow. Activate Your Untapped Potential helps you understand what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, how to overcome your weaknesses, and what it takes to use your strengths to make a difference in the world. Join Marco LeRoc, international speaker and twice-published author, on a journey to activate your own personal greatness.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have learned how to find your purpose, tap into your creativity, create an action plan that’s destined to succeed, and turn your failures into opportunities for success. Marco will show you how to better yourself and discover what you really want so that you can not only maintain lasting happiness, but also make a real difference in the lives of others.

We all have a 'why', or a purpose, in life. We also all have greatness within us. Marco LeRoc’s book, Activate Your Untapped Potential, shares meaningful ways of finding yours and transforming it into the fuel that propels you toward your dreams.

—Hal Elrod, bestselling author of The Miracle Morning (MiracleMorningBook.com)

Set your life on fire with passion and calling, this workbook is made of a series of thoughts provoking questions designed to help you thrive and make life changes to keep your circumstances from holding you back.
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Marco LeRoc is a genius! His work is practical, easy to follow, and packed with knowledge.
I highly recommend his work to anyone looking to take their life to the next level.

—Preston Smiles, bestselling author of Love Louder and coauthor of Now or Never



Marco LeRoc is an emerging thought leader and a leading personal achievement expert. He’s the founder of Marco LeRoc & Co., an organization that inspires millennials to grow personally and financially.

He is a bestselling author who has been featured on many news outlets nationally and internationally, including CBN News,Influencive, Black Enterprise, and WGN.

An international speaker, Marco has engaged audiences in the Americas, Europe, and Africa on the subjects of financial literacy education and self-leadership.

Marco is a go-getter and a student of life, and is transforming his weaknesses into opportunities while impacting lives of others along the way.

Brilliant! I would encourage anyone who has the desire to succeed in business or in life in general to read this book. It covers the most important characteristics of living a fulfilled life: vision, purpose, gratitude, inspiration, and last but not least, the fundamentals.

—Van Deeb, motivational speaker and author



Follow the keys contained in this book and you’ll learn how to overcome your weaknesses, develop your strengths, and transform your goals from pipe dreams into achievements.

—Claudia Koerbler, thought leader, consultant, and TEDx speaker



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