A generation Z expert on self-confidence, reflection, and finding purpose

U nnatti Jain is a Generation Z expert  a yoga  and meditation instructor who studies leadership and organizational change. Unatti and I sat down recently to talk about connecting with youth, how self-love can create clarity, and her advice for achieving your dreams.

Battle stress at any age

We’re all stressed, whether it’s from too much homework or trying to pay a mortgage on time. Unatti says that the first line of defense is exercise; whether it’s yoga or walking, “the best stress-buster is exercise.”

She also says that we can employ positive self-talk, combined with breathing exercises, to help ourselves move past stress. Remind yourself that the situation will pass and is temporary, and you can empower yourself to tackle it.

Find your purpose through introspection

Unatti also mentioned the importance of alone time in finding—and achieving—your purpose. “Celebrate yourself. Go for long walks. Take yourself out for dates,” she said. This alone time gives you clarity and mental confidence. According to Unatti, it’s also where you’ll find your purpose.

Celebrate yourself. Go for long walks. Take yourself out for dates ~ Unnatti Jain Click To Tweet

Project self-love

Once you’ve found it, flaunt it. “What you think of yourself is what the world will think of you. Be you. The world will adjust,” she explained.

What you think of yourself is what the world will think of you. Be you. The world will adjust ~ Unnatti Jain Click To Tweet

How do you get alone time, and how does it benefit you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to the full interview to hear Unatti’s thoughts on parenting, leadership, and becoming your best self.

About Unatti Jain

Unnati is a Yogini who likes to combat physical or mental illness through practicing the power of the breath. Along with raising a grounded, powerful and a confident teenager. She is researching how to raise teenagers to be compelling transformational leaders. A part of my life’s mission is to teach values in young adults by expanding their mental potential, raising their curiosity and inciting them to be leaders and change agents that reflect the change that we parents would like to see in the world.

She is also a certified aesthetician from Yvonne De Vilar, Vienna, Virginia. In addition, she is a certified Meditation Instructor from the University of Holistic Theology, a Yoga instructor Fairfax, Virginia and a researcher pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University (researching Teenagers)

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Marco LeRoc
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