Stella Kinawa’s entrepreneurial journey as an immigrant

S tella Kinawa has been on a journey from a childhood in Cameroon to a master’s in social work and a new entrepreneurial venture. Through it all, she’s stayed true to her roots while spreading awareness of and contributing to her amazing culture.

A business built on African culture

Stella is the founder of Rue Afrique, a platform that serves as a hub for all things African in South Florida. Her venture proves that passion and purpose are important paths to success: she created Rue Afrique to show people that there’s so much more to Africa than what they see on TV.

The important thing is to believe in yourself enough to pursue your dream, regardless of the obstacles you encounter ~ Stella Kinawa Click To Tweet

Empowering young African immigrants

Stella says the key to success, as a female African immigrant is just to “go for it.” There will always be criticism, she says, no matter who you are or what you do. The important thing is to believe in yourself enough to pursue your dream, regardless of the obstacles you encounter. Empower yourself—instead of being another obstacle in the way of your own dreams.

Never forget: every obstacle is an opportunity

Stella wants her fellow entrepreneurs to know that, whether you’re from Africa or elsewhere on the globe, there will be many obstacles on any path you choose. Obstacles, she explained, are an opportunity for growth. They are an opportunity to be self-aware of who you are and where you are.
“Every step you take is always a step in a positive direction,” Stella said.

Obstacles are an opportunity for growth ~Stella Kinawa Click To Tweet

About Stella Kinawa

Stella Kinawa is a service oriented humanitarian and a young leader with a mission to promote Africa and Its culture in the United States. Born and raised in Cameroon, she is referred by many as an “African Culture Enthusiast”. Her passion for the continent can be seen in her involvement with organizations that promote a positive view of Africa while also raising awareness on issues that issues that arise in the continent.

With the goals of pursuing a successful career as a Higher Education Administrator, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, she obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work. As part of her dedication to the service of others, she has led several workshops and speaking engagements to empower and mentor College students from Africa.

She is also an Anti-Malaria Advocate with ‘Nothing But Nets’ – A non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist in the eradication of Malaria by providing insecticide treated nets to families in Sub-Saharan Africa affected by the disease. Stella has raised over $5000 since her involvement with Nothing But Nets and goes to Congress every year to advocate for the continues funding of the Presidents Malaria Initiative.

Empower yourself—instead of being another obstacle in the way of your own dreams. ~ Stella Kinawa Click To Tweet

As CEO & founder of Rue Afrique, LLC, Stella’s goal is to provide a virtual hub for Africans and friends of Africa with interests in the continent and its culture. Through this platform, she intends to create a virtual community network (of Africans and Friends of Africa), organize events that promote the culture and assist in the elimination of misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding most African lifestyles and cultures.
What’s the passion or purpose that powers something fulfilling in your life? Tell me about it in the comments. Be sure to check out my full interview with Stella Kinawa to learn all about Rue Afrique, as well as her other ventures in support of Africa and its culture.


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